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Our Mission

Humans Weren’t Designed To Be Robots

Efficiency and productivity are constant struggles in any office. Keeping employees engaged and ensuring they are adequately supported can be a problem companies can treat, but rarely cure.

At WorkDone, we’re enabling organizations to seamlessly automate business processes between significant platforms like Office 365, Salesforce, NetSuite, and more with no user training or programming required.

Our patent-pending technology, Expertise Capture, uses machine learning to train WorkDone’s virtual agents to complete repetitive back-office tasks, freeing the real world workers to do higher value work. WorkDone Agents also interoperate to create systems of intelligence that preserve the “corporate memory” so that no institutional knowledge is lost when an employee retires or leaves the company.

WorkDone’s convergence of machine learning, business process management, analytics, and the security of the blockchain finally brings to life the promise of AI in the workplace.

Our Project

Completing The Transition From Industrial Revolution To Digital Revolution

WorkDone aims to help companies save valuable time and money, preserve their process knowledge into the future, and instill corporate social responsibility using our intuitive platform.

Our patent-pending Expertise Capture technology will automate the repetitive human-intensive tasks to create reusable virtual agents that learn and improve over time. WorkDone provides the option to make these automated agents available via our open agent marketplace.

These agents would then be able to be linked, creating an entire system of intelligence that would help preserve the “corporate” memory and retain these intellectual assets when employees leave the company.

Employees can also use the agents as testers and trainers to assist in completing tasks. This not only gives workers support they would not typically find elsewhere, it also allows them to do more satisfying and higher value work.

At the same time, we will build a nonprofit Foundation with funding built into the charter of WorkDone (a public benefit corporation), to support and facilitate a diverse community consisting of displaced workers, concerned citizens, developers and entrepreneurs -- pretty much anyone affected by AI and worried about its impact on the labor market.

The non-profit sponsored by WorkDone will fund new innovative approaches for empowering impacted workers and preparing the next generation to meet the new challenges of evolving workplaces with job positions that haven't been invented yet. We also hope it will become a social incubator for people to unleash their creativity and empower users to self-generate business proposals and create opportunities for themselves.

At WorkDone, we feel it is critical to create AI technology and address the social impact in the process.

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we'll augment our intelligence.”
— Ginni Rometty


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“Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all"
― John F. Kennedy

Core Team

Seasoned Technology Experts

Joe Rogers

Founder, CEO

Harvard graduate, founder of WorkDone.AI, 20 years of launching and operating businesses from scratch.

John Greene

Product And Operations

A strong sales leader who focuses on customer buying needs and ROI.

Donald Wilcox


Focus on helping customers make the most out of technology, using experience in tech to aid in meeting their business and personal goals.

Gil Cargill


A salesman since high school, now offering outsourced interim and permanent sales management services.

"The major incentive to productivity and efficiency are social and moral rather than financial"
- Peter Drucker

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