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Our Mission

A Revolutionary Crypto-Precious Metals Exchange

What if you had access to a decentralized vault of precious metals and your favorite cryptocurrencies? What if you could trade one for the other and arrange transport all on one platform? What if you could reduce the number of obstructions and even cut out the bank itself?

You would have Furex.

Furex is a blockchain-based trading platform that eliminates banks, exchanges, dealers, vaulters, brokers and other intermediaries. This allows precious metals and cryptocurrency owners to trade directly with each other in a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) ecosphere designed by and for people wanting an efficient, low cost, reliable alternative to legacy systems.


Our Project

Keeping It Simple

Furex steps in and casts out all the middlemen. People can interact as if they were sitting on a bench outside a bullion dealer's door and trading with others before they went inside: no banks, no dealers, no complicated crypto exchanges, no weeks of waiting time, and no intrusions into your privacy.

The blockchain's value is derived from its decentralized distributed network. This is what makes Bitcoin the most secure network on earth. The more extensive a network is, the safer it is, and therefore the more valuable it is. Furex extends this thinking to our platform, beginning with our Vault System. Personal holders of precious metals and cryptocurrencies represent, in whole, a decentralized distributed network of vaults. Furex is what brings them together.

From there we focus on transportation, where we intend to create a revolutionary metals delivery system, dubbed the “TST method” (Test-Ship-Test). In conjunction with a recognized global shipper, metal is scanned and packaged in front of the sender, then shipped to the nearest outlet where the recipient picks them up. The metal is unpacked and tested again in front of the recipient. This method protects both parties from fraud, providing an unprecedented and bold step on a P2P platform.

This P2P platform represents the Furex Future Exchange, where precious metals holders post for trade in exchange for Furex tokens (FRX), and where cryptocurrency holders post cryptos in exchange for FRX. From there, token holders can bid on any asset posted for trade on our platform.

The Furex token provides access to all assets offered on our exchange. All transactions will be executed using the tokens, and it will also become a unit of reference for assets traded within the platform.

“Put forth thy hand, reach at the glorious gold.”
― William Shakespeare


Because our materials describe a security token or pre-sales security being offered under several SEC exemptions, you will be directed to the document repository appropriate for the status of your accreditation and verification.

“When paper money systems begin to crack at the seams, the run to gold could be explosive.”
― Harry Browne



Jon Collard


Businessman, Futurist. Reinventing ones' self is a revolutionary act.

Michael Goyer


Over a decade of experience in the securities industry. Precious metals and cryptocurrency owner and trader.

Carl Joseph deMarco


Founder of Shenzhen Master Consulting, providing communication training for the global market space.

Team Furex


Will Lehr

Metals And Crypto Analyst

Two decades of experience in financial services. Involved in precious metals from minting to brokering.

Dan Roper

Chief Technologist

Programming and technical guru. Inventor on patents for advances in payment industry tech.

Gregory Mockett

Launch Executive

Oversees launch operations for Furex using a lean startup, entrepreneurial skill set built over 25 years.

"My view’s quite clear. I believe cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin the first example, I believe they’re going to change the world."
- Richard Brown

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