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Our Mission

A Revolutionized Approach To How We Build

Cities are facing a new wave of technology. Past the novelty of sensors and operations dashboards that dominated municipal innovations in the past decade. Costly delays and communications disruptions that once highlighted the process can soon be a thing of the past and cities could be able to visualize and engage all involved.

We can help.

We discovered that there is a strong need to visualize large buildings, bridges, or changes to the landscape before the construction starts. We’re not talking about printed renderings or clever physical models. We mean really experiencing a project life-size, in its actual location, just as if it were already built, using nothing but your phone or tablet.

Our 3D models enable developers to experience their projects in a way that actually puts them on the doorstep, in the atrium, and in the office. With this literal visualization, developers can make informed design decisions based on the real size of the project, reducing the need for physical mockups. The significant benefit, however, is in helping to get through a multitude of approvals faster and more efficiently. Finally, the tenant community can have the same experience through AR and actually see what their specific space will look like.

Our Project

Augmented Reality For Cool Cities And Real Estate

We will work with real estate developers to visual 3D models of their properties in real size and high quality using our platform. This will allow clients and prospective tenants to see how a location will look and feel before the foundation is poured.

Cviker serves as a design tool to make decisions faster, make selections from design iterations, and reduce the need for mockups. We designed this tool to help accelerate leasing through the excitement of the tenant community. Being able to experience projects from both OUTSIDE and INSIDE via our platform is an experience that will revolutionize the process.

We are presently supporting several projects with our Augmented Reality Visualization platform. This includes offices in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Europe.

There will be a day you won't believe you have built without seeing it before.

"I see AR as being profound. It has the ability to amplify human performance instead of isolating humans, and so I’m a huge believer in AR."
― Tim Cook, Apple


Feature video: A tour through our project in Reston, VA using our platform.

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"Virtual reality and augmented reality will change the way we shop."
― Michio Kaku



Jan Hroncak

Co-Founder, CEO

3rd startup, established one of the first VR venues in Europe.

Martin Rapos

Co-Founder, CXO

BD, marketing, partnerships, investor relations

Matej Klobusnik

Co-Founder, CTO

Visionary AR/VR technologist and serial entrepreneur.

Sona Gibastikova

IT Lead

Brilliant programmer with 8 years senior experience.

Karson Kopecky

Project Manager

Experience helping startups. Planning, Project Management, Operations, Strategy

Dana Rapos

Legal & Finance

Management, Legal, Finance, Operations

"There will be hundreds of millions of phones that will be AR ready. And the current stage is … we are helping developers … build the experiences … so that it becomes a daily habit,"
- Amit Singh, Google

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