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Our Mission

There Is No Competition To A Truly Collaborative Idea.

The current economic system extracts values from the “builders” of society and others who pay for services in a shareholder model. It is a model that is wasteful and ruining the potential of the world by stifling progress and limiting sustainability. This is what the World Blockchain Project aims to eliminate. We want to reinvest profits in an ecosystem, franchise it around the globe, and incentivize participation for those who will invest, build, and shape the future.

World Blockchain Project is licensing branding and processes to the effort of creating a community incubator where people can franchise globally and help teach others about blockchain systems and creating a path for sustainability on a global level. We hope to educate people about blockchain to support projects that use continual systems and methods for producing sustainable products and services. The final aim is to create franchises and breed sustainability through blockchain, with WBP as the driving name in the industry.

Blockchain systems give the inspiration to act and create a positive feedback loop between the value of the system and the number of individuals inspired to participate actively. Trust is a keyword when talking about the blockchain, and that trust can fuel great things. WBP is designed to encourage individuals to achieve their highest potential and pay it back into a system that will become self-sufficient.

We aim to connect private and public institutions in a way that will benefit individuals, small and medium enterprises, and in a stable, fruitful partnership. Armed with the skills required to compete in the economy of the future, we will establish a generation of entrepreneurs ready to solve the most significant problems our society faces.

Are you ready to take a leap to secure the future?

Our Project

The Center Of The Blockchain Universe

World Blockchain Project is based on a freemium model and open to anyone who chooses to participate in the ecosystem, offering education, marketing, and software development within the community. Participants in the WBP are active and aiding their own return on investment by taking part in the ecosystem.

For World Blockchain Project, Events will be our primary source of funding, including the annual Voice Of Blockchain Conference in Chicago, an event that aims to break the mold of pay to play blockchain events.

WBP wants to plant a flag as the guiding name for blockchain, particularly those projects used to improve the conditions of society. Voice of Blockchain and other events under the WBP banner would be places to meet, greet, and hear from leaders and voices who want to use blockchain technology to create good in the world.

Income will also come from a variety of sources. This includes a web platform that will offer sponsorship deals and affiliate sales, partnerships with builders that will provide back a percentage of equity, tokens, or just a flat fee paid at a triggering event -- or retainer fee in the case of resource partnerships.

And while profits are necessary, funds will also go towards realizing World Blockchain Project’s mission through free events and services that allow a zero barrier access to information. This will include meetups, community outreach to academia, chambers of commerce, neighborhood organizations and more. WBP is also working on a “first builder session” to build business plans, develop support for compatible projects, and mentor connections. The final piece in that puzzle is an eventual scholarship that will help raise awareness right out of grade school.

The future is already bright, but World Blockchain Project will make it stay that way for years to come.

"How do we create new value? You create value by running services on the blockchain."
― William Mougayar


Featured video: A look at what to expect at Voice Of Blockchain in Chicago

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"The blockchain does one thing: It replaces third-party trust with mathematical proof that something happened."
― Adam Draper



"Disruption" Joe Hernandez


His vision is a world where individuals create their own value instead of being told what they are worth.

"While it may seem scarier in the earlier days, I think ultimately the blockchain creates a safer world."
― Fred Ehrsam

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