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Our Mission

A Burning Problem

The safety of consumers online is a minefield, putting personal data and financial information at risk. Consumers are confident they’re safe online, but hackers have proven otherwise.

According to the 2017 Norton Report, hackers took $172 billion from 978 million consumers in 20 countries, with a reported average loss of $142 per victim. 143 million consumers were victims of cybercrime in the United States alone – more than half the U.S. adult online population. This doesn’t even address the time lost dealing with the aftermath.

No company on the planet is safe from the threat of a cyber-attack. According to a 2015 Ponemon Report, the average detection time for attacks is 256 days. This creates the possibility of enormous damages, while similar attacks are repeated on other targets before detection.

BitFence is an advanced cybersecurity solution that will identify hackers and distribute their profile information to the protected community on our decentralized blockchain network.

BitFence aims to reduce the average detection time of zero-day cyber threats dramatically. The goal is to provide a proactive defensive solution to protect other systems from similar cyber-attacks.

Our community members will "mine" hacker activity by running HoneyNet nodes, essentially “trapping” hackers. As these attacks breach a BitFence “Honeypot,” the system captures and analyzes their signatures using our custom designed Artificial Intelligence software, delivering alerts and threat protection to all our subscribers.

If a BitFence miner running in the United States faces an attack by hackers, all Bitfence subscribers, located in any region (Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.), would be protected from similar attacks in seconds.

Our Project

A High Level Operational Concept

BitFence offers its users tools to identify and defend against the threat of cyber-attacks. The goal is to protect networks before any harm can occur to them and their related assets.

Our platform’s ecosystem consists of the following parts:

  1. Installation of BitFence’s proprietary Distributed Sensor Network (also known as Distributed HoneyNet). Incentives, like tokens, will be offered to those who run BitFence designed software and/or a hardware “miner.” These miners will detect and report suspicious cyber-threat related activities.
  2. Malicious and suspicious data will be analyzed, processed, and ranked according to risk by artificial intelligence algorithms in real time.
  3. Once the data is processed, and hackers are identified, the information is fed to all BitFence subscribers, protecting them from the similar threat within seconds.

Mining will be global by individuals using BitFence devices and software that are integrated with our servers, performing real-time threat risk assessments of collected hacker signatures. Once the AI engine has evaluated a threat, the signatures deploy to subscribers to protect them from zero-day attacks and other cyber-security threats.

The protection that BitFence offers will benefit a wide range of industries and customers. This includes small, medium and large business enterprises, financial and healthcare industries, the banking sector, defense and aerospace companies, academic institutions, oil and gas industries, individual internet users, power utilities, and any other individual or entity which deals with sensitive information on their network.

It is time to turn the tables and bring back consumer confidence.

"As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace."
― Newton Lee


Featured video: An introduction to BitFence

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Because our materials describe a security token or pre-sales security being offered under several SEC’s exemptions, you will be directed to the document repository appropriate for the status of your accreditation and verification.

"The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed."
― William Gibson

Co-Founders / Leadership

Team BitFence

Vlad Tereshkov

Co-Founder / Principal / Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder, Principal. Serial entrepreneur. Technologist, inventor, IP expert. PhD in Physics.

William Mason

Co-Founder / Principal / Chief Business Strategist

Co-Founder, Principal.

Dann Thompson

Co-Founder / Principal / Chief Financial Officer

Seasoned executive with years of CFO and CEO experience for startup organizations.

Nathaniel Wade

Chief Information Security Officer

20+ years of experience designing, implementing, and managing enterprise cybersecurity programs.

Ben Daubenspeck

Account Manager

Former quality assurance at IBM. Learn by doing.

Advisory Team

Roger Freeman


Senior Emergency Preparedness Consultant.

Shah H. Sheikh


Sr. Cybersecurity Advisor. Co-founder of DTS Solution.

Marie Golson


Technical Advisor. Master of Business Administration in Marketing.

Jeffrey W. Gaines


Technical Advisor. Information Logistics.

Teresa Culver


Technical Advisor. Record Management and Training Development

Luis Parra


Technical Advisor. Jet Access Aviation. BA Political Science and Government.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do"
― John McAfee

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