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Our Mission

A Smarter, Safer and Kinder World

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) promises to solve problems that an organization could never do before because it delivers benefits that no human could perform. Driven by a fear of losing out, companies in many industries have announced A.I.-focused initiatives. Unfortunately, most of these efforts are likely to fail and are approaching A.I. innovation incorrectly.

Accure A.I. provides an ecosystem for companies to adopt and deploy A.I. solutions that have high business values.

We are scaling our expertise in data science, A.I. solution implementation, industry experience, and consulting services by creating an advisory board comprising of industry members, thought leaders, and CXOs. These advisory groups will identify A.I. uses and best practices for implementation in their field. Our data scientist community will develop training models using our Momentum platform. These models can be deployed in production or exported to be used/integrated with other enterprise systems.

We will forge the best ideas, technology and proven best practices from across our experienced network of leaders to make A.I. adoption easier, better and cheaper. The possible applications of machine learning are limitless.

Our Project

Machine Learning Applications Marketplace

Many sectors, including healthcare and utilities like oil and gas, have the opportunity to improve results by applying machine learning. Accure will support the development of domain-specific applications through our ecosystem and the Momentum A.I. platform.

This ecosystem involving people, process, and technology include:

  1. A.I. Board of Advisors of industry influencers and thought leaders
  2. Data scientists and engineers from around the globe to solve real-world business problems
  3. Momentum as an A.I. platform that allows rapid development and deployment of A.I. solutions
  4. A set of best practices to avoid pitfalls and hassle-free deployment of A.I. solutions

Momentum allows for ingesting data from multiple sources and easily condensing them to feed to machine algorithms to train models. These generated A.I. outputs or insights can be visualized using fully-integrated web-based BI engine – Momentum Insight – meaning one platform can do it all.

Participating corporate members will propose useful applications and provide data sets to train these algorithms. Data scientists and programmers will be rewarded for building the domain-specific applications.

Accure will support itself and the platform through a variety of methods, including a yearly membership fee for the advisory board and usage of all business-relevant A.I. models, a license for non-members of the board, and a pay-per-use Momentum platform license for all parties.

"A breakthrough in Machine Learning would be worth ten Microsofts."
― Bill Gates


Featured video: Teaser video for our machine learning application that amplifies messages and responds to queries on social media.

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"...what we want is a machine that can learn from experience."
― Alan Turing


Shamshad Ansari

President & CEO

Technical expertise in the area of big data, cognitive science, and machine learning.

Barry Shaekspeare

Chairman of the Board

30 years’ experience in the telecommunications, computing, software, and services.

Moghisuddin Raza

Co-founder & COO

A technology leader with nearly two decades of experience in high-tech industries.

"A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God."
― Alan Perlis

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