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Our Mission

Activating the Healing Power of Entertainment

When we experience video, cinema, games, music, social media and immersive virtual reality adventures, our neurons release dopamine rewards. Our mind and body know that storytelling and ceremony are a primal part of our humanity, serving as a guide for the development of ourselves and our culture.

These reward centers in our brains are often tricked into enjoying media that is destructive rather than nourishing. Like the effect of processed sugar on our bodies, modern entertainment can be compelling and addictive while degrading our minds and affecting our moods.

Virtual and augmented reality, real-time motion capture, machine learning and wearable devices promise to further blur the lines between our direct experience of the world and the experience mediated by entertainment concerns. It is difficult to know, without significant research and development, what effect the products of this technological advancement might have on individual mental health and on our culture.

Just as the internet has become a mass media distribution platform for entertainment in a variety of forms, we believe it can serve as a platform for therapeutic media. Clinical practitioners have embraced art, dance, music and play therapy, and academic researchers have supported the efficacy of these modalities. While effective, they are hard to scale.

We believe that media therapy can be similarly effective, while reaching populations that do not have access to other forms of psychotherapy. Interacting with content goes well beyond therapy. It can be used for growth, development and expansion of capabilities in healthy populations. Additionally, healing media can augment traditional counseling and group work. With machine learning, interactive media can serve as a diagnostic, as well as therapeutic tool.

Our mission is to produce and delivery media products, from mobile games through social media bots to immersive VR environments, that help people of every age and ability to heal, grow and thrive.

We’re dedicated to accelerating the movement toward a better human habitat that protects the planet we all call home. We’re doing this by lowering the cost of equipment, installation and financing. At the same time, we’re focused on improving the experience of going solar, storing solar and being solar.

Our Project

Producing Therapeutic Media

Deep is a media development and distribution platform for writers, producers, directors, programmers, artists and mental health professionals to collaborate on entertaining, compelling and therapeutic content.

Our initial productions will be designed to treat mood disorders, including depression, bi-polar, hypomania and anxiety. We will also explore generalized frameworks for maintaining mental health and reducing stress.

Member artists, developers and therapists will organize research programs and delivery methods in a variety of settings. We are particularly interested in the use of virtual reality systems, including full-body motion capture, haptics and biofeedback, that are not yet affordable for general home and recreational use. These systems could be requisitioned for schools, hospitals and clinics.

We plan for our work to be compelling content in its own right, outside the therapeutic realm. To expand the market, we plan to include mental and emotional wellness regimens appropriate for the work environment, potentially distributed through human resources departments, as well as coffee shops, yoga studios and other public and private venues.

Ultimately, we see our platform as a creative endeavor that breaks down the walls between artists, therapists and clients. Our clients in therapy will ultimately be creators within the platform, contributing to their own well being.

"self-doubt is as self-centered as self-inflation. Your obligation is to reach as deeply as you can and offer your unique and authentic gifts as bravely and beautifully as you're able."
― Bill Plotkin


Featured video: Dr. Teich explains the complementary nature of the solar and lunar archetypes.

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"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens."
― Carl Jung


Executive, Psychology and Creative Experience

Howard Teich

Chief Executive Officer

Archetypal depth psychologist, organizational therapist, consultant.

Mike Sellers

Interactive Architect

Director, Game Design Program at Indiana University, former game designer at Electronic Arts and 3DO.

David Levine

Chief Creative Officer

Quantum etymologist, perpetual entrepreneur, post-punk post-carbon.

" is almost always the case that whatever has wounded you will also be instrumental in your healing."
― Robert A Johnson

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